What’s in Hydralyte Sports?

Hydralyte Sports is low in sugar and high in the nine essential electrolytes and minerals lost in sweat, which your body needs to perform at its best.

Major electrolytes  Function in the body mg/L mmol/L
Sodium Drives fluid uptake and retention 1150 mg/L 50
Potassium Essential for nerve and muscle function 588 mg/L 15
Chloride Helps the body retain fluid 1770 mg/L 50
Glucose (anhydrous) Assists with absorption of fluid and electrolytes 20g/L NA
Water Helps to maintain body temperatureLubricates the tissues and joints 1000 mL/L NA
Calcium Important for muscle and cardiac function 80 mg/L 2 mmol
Magnesium Important for muscle contraction and nerve function 48 mg/L 2 mmol
Iron  Critical to oxygen transport in blood  (Endurance athletes are susceptible to iron depletion) 1 mg/L NA
Zinc Important in exercise metabolism 2 mg/L NA
Manganese Involved in metabolic energy production 0.5 mg/L NA
Copper Important for blood health(Copper deficit can affect the immune and cardiovascular system) 0.3 mg/L NA

Why you need Electrolytes

Under normal circumstances a ‘good hydration status’ can be adequately achieved with water and a balanced diet – BUT…During sport and exercise you can lose up to 1-2 Litres of sweat per hour!

Sweat contains many essential electrolytes and minerals the body requires for basic functions and fluid loss at these rates can quickly lead to dehydration.

To avoid the compromising effects of dehydration you need to replace depleted salts and minerals – to do this effectively you will require an electrolyte solution.

The most effective way to consume electrolytes is with a low sugar high electrolyte formulation like Hydralyte Sports!

A Hypotonic Solution

Hydralyte Sports is HYPOTONIC. Hypotonic solutions are considered most effective for rapid fluid absorption because the total concentration of soluble ingredients (measured as osmolality) is less than that found in blood.

The osmolality of Hydralyte Sports™ is 260 mmol/L, which is in line with the World Health Organisation’s accepted levels.

The Process of Effective Hydration

Rapid rehydration is best achieved with a solution that is low in glucose/carbohydrate (2-3%) and high in electrolytes.

Rapid and effective rehydration depends on activation of the sodium glucose co-transport pump (a protein) in the intestinal lumen. Hydralyte Sports™ contains the correct balance of glucose and sodium to highly activate this pump, enabling the rapid influx of sodium, glucose, water (by osmosis) and other electrolytes:

  • Sodium (Sod) and Glucose (Glu) bind to the transporter protein, driven by high sodium concentrations in the small intestine.
  • This dual binding causes the transport protein to change shape, delivering sodium and glucose into the cell internals. At the same time, water moves into the cell by osmosis.
  • Sodium and glucose are both actively transported out of the cell into the blood, along with water. The result: rapid hydration!

 Benefits of Hydralyte Sports

  • Formulated to prevent and treat dehydration associated with sport and exercise
  • Aids in the relief and prevention of muscle cramps and spasms
  • Clinical (HYPOTONIC) formulation rapidly replaces fluid and electrolytes
  • Formulated for prolonged or vigorous physical activity resulting in heavy sweating
  • Helps maintain healthy physical and mental function
  • Low energy content: 192 Kilojoules from sugar per 600 mL serve, versus standard sports drinks which can contain 627–797 Kilojoules per 600 mL serve!
  • Suitable for elite and recreational athletes
  • Reduces the risk of hyponatremia and heat exhaustion during prolonged physical activity